The Three Sisters

The most famous ride in Texas for bikers is the group of three roads contained about two hours west of San Antonio. Ranch Roads 335, 336, and 337 are the Three Sisters, sometimes referred to as the Three Twisted Sisters. I’ve been wanting to take this ride for a while, and finally did over theContinue reading “The Three Sisters”

To Texarkana and Beyond

When I found out my cousin was getting married near Memphis–over 600 miles away–I had a crazy idea. You guessed it: Road trip. Half the ride would be in Texas–a perfect opportunity to see some county courthouses along the way, including such exotic destinations as Athens and Paris. The wedding was on Friday, July 19th.Continue reading “To Texarkana and Beyond”

Close to Home

About a week later, on April 21, 2017, I took a quick ride to the two county courthouses closest to me, in Travis and Williamson Counties. The seat of Williamson County is Georgetown. The county courthouse in Georgetown is the centerpiece of a bustling and historic town square, truly a treasure. As you can see,Continue reading “Close to Home”