To Wichita Falls

Late September 2019 provided an opportunity for a three day ride through the rolling plains of north central Texas. On the 27th, I rode to Goldthwaite (Mills County), Comanche (Comanche County), Eastland (Eastland County), Breckenridge (Stephens County), Graham (Young County), Archer City (Archer County), and Wichita Falls (Wichita County). I stopped for lunch at Matt Daddy’s on the courtyard square in Comanche.

Goldthwaite, seat of Mills County
Comanche, seat of Comanche County
Eastland, seat of Eastland County
Breckenridge, seat of Stephens County
Graham, seat of Young County
Archer City, seat of Archer County
Wichita Falls, seat of Wichita County

On September 28, I continued east along the Oklahoma border counties before zigzagging south. I visited Henrietta (Clay County), Montague (Montague County), Gainesville (Cooke County), Denton (Denton County), Decatur (Wise County), Jacksboro (Jack County), Palo Pinto (Palo Pinto County), Weatherford (Parker County), and ended up in Fort Worth (Tarrant County).

Henrietta, seat of Clay County
Montague, seat of Montague County
Gainesville, seat of Cooke County
Denton, seat of Denton County
Decatur, seat of Wise County

I caught a bite at Rooster’s Roadhouse, in Decatur.

Jacksboro, seat of Jack County
Palo Pinto, seat of Palo Pinto County

I had to be creative to catch this shot of the beautiful courthouse in Weatherford. It sits on an island with traffic circling all around and no place to park. But the parking lot across the street worked well. Situated as it is in the middle of US 180 that divides like a stream to go around an island, the bright red and white colors of this courthouse are visible from nearly a mile away as you head east on 180.

Weatherford, seat of Parker County

The Tarrant County courthouse in Fort Worth resembles the Texas Capitol building, though without the grand dome of the capitol.

Fort Worth, seat of Tarrant County

On September 29, I saw Cleburne (Johnson County), Granbury (Hood County), Glen Rose (Somervell County), and Stephenville (Erath County). I got lunch at Greer’s Ranch Cafe in Stephenville before heading back home.

Cleburne, seat of Johnson County
Granbury, seat of Hood County
Glen Rose, seat of Somervell County
Stephenville, seat of Erath County

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