The Three Sisters

The most famous ride in Texas for bikers is the group of three roads contained about two hours west of San Antonio. Ranch Roads 335, 336, and 337 are the Three Sisters, sometimes referred to as the Three Twisted Sisters. I’ve been wanting to take this ride for a while, and finally did over the second weekend of August 2019.

One of several warning signs along the Three Sisters route

But the Saturday before, August 3, I took another day ride. It would be the last single day ride of this quest – the last chance to reach a decent number of county courthouses within a 300 mile round trip of home. I went southwest to Gonzales (Gonzales County), Cuero (DeWitt County), Hallettsville (Lavaca County), and Columbus (Colorado County). I ate lunch at Rosie’s Mexican Restaurant in Cuero.

Gonzales, seat of Gonzales County
Cuero, seat of DeWitt County
Hallettsville, seat of Lavaca County
Columbus, seat of Colorado County

On August 10, I took off for the Three Sisters ride. First stop was Bandera (Bandera County), where I got a bite at Busbee’s BBQ.

Bandera, seat of Bandera County

Leakey (Real County) marks the beginning of the Three Sisters. You have a choice of going north on 336 or west on 337. I went west.

Leakey, seat of Real County
Ranch Road 335 near Rocksprings

Rocksprings is kind of a perfect name for the seat of Edwards County, especially when you consider that this “Edwards” is also the name of a plateau, a geological group, a variety of limestone, and an aquifer that keeps much of south-central Texas hydrated. Several important rivers have their source in this area of the Edwards Plateau: The Llano, the Guadalupe, the San Antonio, the Frio, and the Nueces. Ranch Road 336 follows the western Frio branch for a ways, and Ranch Road 335 winds along the Nueces.

Rocksprings, seat of Edwards County

I stayed the night at the Historic Rocksprings Hotel. I had dinner at the Jailhouse Bar & Grill down the street.

Historic Rocksprings Hotel

On August 11, I headed west on 41 and got on Ranch Road 336, the third of the Three Sisters, and took it south back towards Leakey. I then wound my way back north and east to Kerrville (Kerr County), before heading home.

Kent Creek as it crosses Ranch Road 336 before flowing into West Frio River
Kerrville, seat of Kerr County

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