Family Business

In June 2019, my older daughter moved to San Angelo for an internship. We had to help her move some things. Naturally, I let my wife drive our truck while I rode my motorcycle! Not so efficient when it comes to gas mileage, but it was the perfect excuse for my first overnight trip on this particular quest (though not my first multi-day bike trip). 

On the way out, first stop was San Saba (San Saba County). Unfortunately, it was behind scaffolding for renovations. Good news is, I’ve just heard that renovations are complete, and I’m looking forward to getting back there to see it.

San Saba, seat of San Saba County

[Update 2020] Below is the renovated San Saba County Courthouse, photographed on May 22, 2020. Beautiful!

San Saba, seat of San Saba County – Renovated

Next stop was Brady (McCulloch County), then Paint Rock (Concho County), before rolling into San Angelo.

Brady, seat of McCulloch County
Paint Rock, seat of Concho County

Next morning, after a Father’s Day breakfast with my daughter at Roxie’s Diner in San Angelo, I hit the Tom Greene County courthouse before leaving town. This courthouse looks like it belongs in Washington, DC. 

San Angelo, seat of Tom Green County

For my trip home, I decided to take a long detour south before turning back east to home. This took me through Eldorado (Schleicher County), Sonora (Sutton County), and Junction (Kimble County). The two-day trip was just over 500 miles. This path took me out of the way of Menard (Menard County), but I would pick that one up later in the summer, when I would head west again…all the way west this time.

Eldorado, seat of Schleicher County
Sonora, seat of Sutton County
Junction, seat of Kimble County

I made it home in time for a late Father’s Day lunch with my younger daughter. My Father’s Day gift was a new backpack–perfect for taking to work. I would soon be putting it to good use for longer trips on my bike.

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